๐ŸงพGenerate an Invoice

Hi there,

An invoice in the Bitcoin lightning network is like a payment request, you generate it and send to the payer and you receive your funds in a minute.

Lightning network transactions are designed to be ultra fast and affordable. This works by setting up a payment channel between two parties, where only the first and last transaction are put on the Bitcoin blockchain.

On Mavapay Money, you can receive Naira by Generating an invoice or with your Lightning Bank address(you@mavapay.money).

To generate an invoice, when signed in to your profile and your KYC is complete;

  • Click on Transactions

  • Click Create Invoice

  • Input the amount in Naira or Sats

  • Hit Create Invoice

Your invoice (payment request) is Created but expires in 5 minutes. Your sender must make payment within 5 minutes or the invoice expires. If this happens, you simply need to repeat the process.

๐Ÿ“ Sats are the smallest denomination of Bitcoin so Sats are to Bitcoin what Kobo is to Naira.

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